Overview of Services


Grid Control - A reliable partner for controlling transmission lines.

Field of Activities:

Grid Control conducts complete inspections of transmission lines, towers, and other power transmission installations. Depending on customer needs, we identify and report existing damages.


Our customers are primarily electricity transport and distribution network companies.

Costumer Care:

Emphasis is placed on the follow up and continuing optimization of the power line analysis.


During the project and the realisation, a close cooperation with the customer and the authorities is our goal.


Team spirit shall be in the foreground for all activities. Our relationships to all our partners shall be based on fairness and mutual respect.


The development and improvement of our detection equipment is always based on the latest technological advances.

Ecological behaviour:

For us ecology and economics are not contradictions. We look for ecologically meaningful solutions, which we realize economically!


We set clear goals for our co-workers, which when achieved; we also want to honour them for. A programme of continuing education and training for our people is a matter of course.


We intend to keep our infrastructure small, but efficient!.